Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Aisha - ecoute moi !

I lost three hours of my life. No I did not break my head and have a concussion. Worse - I watched Aisha. The Bollywood film that had everyone licking their lips in anticipation of watching Sonam Kapoor clad in Christian Dior. Methinks that the movie would have had a better chance if the producers had spent a little less time on their deals with Christian Dior, Haagen Dazs and L'oreal and slightly more time on a workable script. 

Here is a little tidtbit I found online that really make you ponder the production values of Aisha. 

"Though makers of Aisha feel that Abhay Deol is the perfect choice but it seems the actor is not satisfied with the remuneration and length of his role. As reported Abhay was upset that his remuneration for the film is lesser than Sonam Kapoor's hair and costume budget. "


Why on Gods earth am I supposed to love Aisha ? The girl is seemingly stupid, arrogant, stubborn, selfish and filled with a sense of self entitlement. I can't find a reason to love this girl, let alone wish all through the movie that she gets the guy. That is after all the reason why we love rom-coms, we get to root for the girl and then we begin to believe in happy endings when the protagonist gets hers. I didn't want Aisha to get her happy ending, in fact I could not think of a single character less deserving of a happy ending. It felt as though not only the cast but even the crew had been high on weed that Aisha's friends smoke all through the film. Maybe next time invest a little bit more on the nuances of a good story such as character motivation, and audience involvement - or even better, next time leave film making to the pros. 

I understand romantic comedies are not made to be intellectually stimulating but please do not make a mockery of human intelligence as you do when you make films like Aisha. 


  1. Well said!! i watched the movie with so much anticipation and i was left disappointed...the clothes were the only good thing..even the makeup was crappy!

  2. Ugh...I hated this movie too. It's hard to like a movie when the protagonist is super shallow, self centered and just over all annoying.
    I agree 100% with everything you said above.
    The only redeeming factor (for me) was Amrita Puri, whose acting was absolutely brilliant.
    I also like Ira Dubey, Abhay Deol, and Cyrus Sahukar's acting, but unfortunately their characters were written really poorly.
    The lovability that Alicia Sylverstone brought to the caracter in Clueless, was something Sonam failed to incorporate in her rendition. I think the only person that could rescue this role (albeit the script) is someone like Madhuri Dixit or Kajol, whose effervescence often transcends their roles. In a good way. :)

  3. i only went for her makeup and hubby was sitting quitely as i had warned him ... dont expect movie to be good its just the makeup i am going for ... so poor he had to sit for 3 hrs :(
    but the movie was like :( and no such extraordinary makeup too :(

  4. @ Devie - I so agree with you about Alicia Silverstone. Clueless was classic ! and the supporting cast for Aisha were really amazing. Without them I really wonder picture ka kya hota !

    @ Rashmi - I feel for your hubby :P Also I just wish instead of L'oreal they had done a product placement deal with mac instead. A woman who wears Dior dresses would mauch rather have MAC make up no ?

  5. good choice me, didn't watch. well not my choice. strict warnings frm yet another understanding soul like you :) and we had gone to watch SATC2 so its not like she hates clothes and makeup
    and you missed what a mockery is "rendition of Jane Austen" as a tag? (again hearsay! i must watch it now... when they show it on tv at least!)
    think am personally ok to have a self centered, stubborn, arrogant protagonist but i could never imagine these traits coming with a stupid adjective... thanks :)

  6. exactly Gaea !!! Society me included perceives that smart people are somehow entitled to be self-centered, stubborn, arrogant. In fact when you have an alpha male protagonist these characteristics are actually quite sexy. But when transferred onto someone who is stupid - or whose basis of self-entitlement is centered on nothing more than a privileged background it just becomes annoying - watch the film on tv though for curiosity's sake :P

  7. ah the female species. funny u mention that the same in a male protagonist is sexy... :) how true!
    yeap...will do!