Monday, September 13, 2010

Power ! - Kanye West

The music video for KanyeWest is a visual portrait of Power as described by its visual artist director Marco Brambilla. From the moment I saw it, I was stunned at what the director has managed to accomplish in 90 seconds. The concept is deliciously simple yet stunningly complex. The camera zooms out to reveal more and more until you see the entire picture. However the nuances of the image, the movements synced to the music are all amazing.
Conecptually the video is designed to make a statement on the sexuality of celebrity and power, and manages to redefine the way we look at all things "epic".

For everyone who is curious about how Brambilla technically managed to shoot a video like this,
 Brambilla says,

"I shot images of the casting, people who came in as dancers and models and actresses in the various poses, and then it was put together as a photograph originally," Brambilla said. "We had very little time to shoot it. We only had a day to shoot it, so I basically know exactly how each element would look, where each element would go and how the whole piece would choreograph, because there's about 24 layers of video in the piece, and they are all interconnected. So it's almost like a visual ballet in a way, and it had to be pre-planned in a very specific way to make it cohesive and to make it work. That was the most challenging part of it: how to [translate] it from a still, a painting, and then make the painting come alive into the filming and the photography."

Brilliant !!!!

ALso - for anyone interested in the Symbolism of the video -

MTV Cheat Sheet and another entertaining analysis that has Kanye West as a Masonic initiate - Go figure :P

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