Thursday, October 7, 2010

I wanna Hold your Hand ......

This one is for all the Gleeks out there ....

This week's episode was all about God, and more importantly about the bond between parents and children. Kurt Humml's dad is in a coma. Kurt is devastated as he already lost his mother when he was a child. Kurt sings a song to express his feelings. Believe me when I say, the song he sang was the last one I ever thought I'd hear a boy sing to express his love for his father. Kurt narrates a short story before singing the song. When his mother died, at her funeral he felt bereft like nothing would be normal again. At that moment his dad held his hand and gave it a tight squeeze letting him know he would always be there.

The following video is the audio only :D  

The visuals for the song are absolutely beautiful, with images of a young Kurt on a bicycle and his father teaching him how to ride, Kurt and his father at his mother's grave, Kurt and his father having a tea party .... all the things we did with our parents.

Now I find the choice of song absolutely amazing, completely unexpected and yet it fits so beautifully. Because what is more poignant than the image of a young child holding his parent's hand.

This one is dedicated to my mommy - I want to hold your hand <3

And to the Beatles, who are turning in their graves because Chris Colfer sang the song better than the original all I have to say is - Let it be ;)


  1. i could never get myself to watch glee!!! i tried so many times!!:P but i louuuuu i wanna hold your haaaaaaaaaaaannndd!!:P:P hehe i actually thought you had a video of it or something!!:P:P but this was beautiful!! :):) and awwww!!! :D

  2. I was looking for the video wasn't on youtube then - might be around now - so if i find it will send u the link :P

  3. i absolutely adoreeee GLEE....... love all the songs and performances . . . BIG FAN !!!