Thursday, October 14, 2010

If I were a Boy

What would you do if you were a boy ?

Moreover, I know this song is trying to make a point, by turning the tables and showing men how they behave but does it just come across as a big ass whine fest ? With a title like that, the rest of the song is honestly uninspiring, but never the less - its definitely food for thought.


  1. Omg...Thank you.
    When I saw the title of the post, I was like "Oh no, please don't let this be in praise of this decent tune with bad, bad, lyrics!"
    I mean seriously, way to stereotype men. All men cheat on their women, all men don't spend time on their appearance, all men are chauvinistic pigs... err no Miss Knowles, they're not. And please, please don't perpetuate this silly stereotype.
    A really good song along the same lines is "What it feels like for a girl" by Madonna. Slightly pseudo-feministic, but still has some inspiring lyrics.

  2. Oh I got all sad after hearing the song.. :( Me loved her voice. And I agree with Devie, not all mean are the same. I think we all saw that in our romantic moments post...

  3. I agree Devie - the song really perpetuates gender stereotypes and in the process ends up sounding really annoying - especially with a title like that I was expecting something more forceful. What I liked though were the visuals in the video - Beyonce in that cop suit really made me examine my own worldview ......

    The Madonna song is definitely better and even this song called its a man's man's world - which can sound very chauvinistic when sung by a man but when done by a woman the irony and anger in the lyrics are unmistakable....

    Rati - Beyonce's voice is awesome - so with songs like HALO. All men are definitely not like this, in fact you could find just as many women who are like the guy in the video so the point the song is trying to make kind of falls flat :O

  4. OMG...janhavi...i lovedddd d song..thanks a lot for sharing dis..

  5. Hmmm... I dont like the song either.Its sad for no reason whereas it shud have been inspiring and empathetic(coz guys have pressures 2)
    By the way i first found ur blog thru Sita sings the blues but didn't comment then.It was one of my fav eva blog posts :D

  6. i think its too unfair to stereotype boys like this the same way it is to call all girls emotional fools.

    i think you do make a fool out of yourself in love many a times cause you dont care cause you feel secure like someone is going to be with you no matter what..laugh at you.. make jokes at your expense but be your wall and stand up for you.. no matter who you are a boy or a girl..
    i just gave an example here.. i think we all react in a similar way when we are going through similar phases under similar circumstances... what makes things different for people is that circumstances and the phases are not (usually) happening at the same time.. so we dont get the other person.. cause if it happened to us in the past, it is partly forgotten.. :):)

    i thought too much for the day!:P